5 common scenarios when one’s cat may be lost
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5 common scenarios when one’s cat may be lost

This seems to be the query of every cat parent at least once “where is my cat?” Cats have a tendency of getting lost once in a while. If your furry friend loves being indoors, then you don’t need to worry much over it getting lost. If they are temperamental, they will come out only once in a while. If your feline is more of an outdoor type then, you need to set sight upon your cat every few hours. But if you are unable to see it for 48 hours, it is then a matter of concern.

If your cat is missing, here are some common lost cat scenarios:

Common lost cat scenario 1

: It is hard to believe that the most common lost cat scenario is the furry thing has got trapped in a tree, on a roof top, or somewhere else from where they feel that they cannot escape on their own. Start by looking for that furry ball on top of or under the things from where they might not be able to get out.

Common lost cat scenario 2

: Cats tend to roam within a five house radius of their owner’s house. They consider the whole of the block as their own territory. If you can’t seem to locate your cat, first thing is to check with neighbours. One can ask permission from them to look under their deck, or in their sheds and other places.

Common lost cat scenario 3

: It is the natural instinct of your feline to hide in a secluded but safe place when it has hurt or injured itself. It becomes imperative to provide it medical help in case of need. So, if you are unable to locate your cat try to find it in all the hidden areas. When it is hurt, it will usually be on your property or your neighbour’s.

Common lost cat scenario 4

: Be on the lookout for your pet every once in a while. If you have been unable to set eyes on your cat in a day, then some unfortunate event might have happened with it. It might have met a predator such as a coyote or may have been killed which generally happens around Halloween.

Common lost cat scenario 5

: There may be situations in which the cat has been stolen by a pet hating neighbour or a naughty kid on the block. Or it may have hidden itself in a place which it considered safe but which turned out to be a vehicle or a box that was being transported. And now it is on its way to someplace that you do not know about. It is difficult to rescue the cat in the last scenario that is why a GPS tag or a microchip may come in handy.

Most of the times, cats do not wander very far from their owner’s property and usually return within a few hours and are not even aware that you were concerned.

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