5 Fantastic tips to calm your pets inner escape artist
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5 Fantastic tips to calm your pets inner escape artist

Let us get it straight; animals do not like dazzling lights, loud noises, and visiting strangers. When they do encounter one of these, they get anxious and lose their calm. It might be the gala party, a construction activity nearby, or just the vacuum cleaner that is causing the stress, and your furry or feline family member can undoubtedly become anxious. This is when you must put in your best effort to comfort him/her.
Here are a few practical tips that can help you in calming pets inner escape artist and prevent them from panicking.

Do not keep your pets confined

Your pet may not feel safe in a cage or somewhere where you keep it confined forcefully. Instead, to keep your pets calm during occasions filled with loud noises, build a safe place in advance, away from the crowd. Once your pets get used to it and develop a sense of familiarity, you need to only be worried about keeping them calm in a separate area.

Keep your pets distracted

Keeping the pets occupied and distracted with other things does wonders in calming pets inner escape artist. Find out what your pets like to be engrossed in such as games or toys or music, what they like to play with for hours. Surround them with the things they like to keep them calm. Make sure you don’t leave them alone, unattended, this may make them feel neglected.

Skip the sound, if possible

Whether it’s the neighborhood or property near your house where construction is going on, leave it for a few days, if possible. Pack your bag and go on a camping trip with your distressed pet which can not only act as a quick calming medicine but also allow you to spend some quality time with your beloved pet.

Comfort your pets

There’s nothing more effective than comforting your pet yourself when it’s about calming pets inner escape artist. Remember, your pets love you and adore your touch. Therefore, caring for them, patting them with your hands or keeping them on your lap can help them to calm down.

Calm them with colors or fragrance

Both chromotherapy and the use of therapeutic fragrant oils are known for their calming effects on pets. Therefore, find out which scent or aroma has a calming effect on your pets and use it accordingly or merely create a cozy and relaxing environment with anxiety reducing colors and watch your pets stay calm amidst all the noise outside.

Every pet has a different way of reacting to loud noises. While the majority of pets panic and run away, sometimes resulting in even getting lost, others retreat to the darkest of corners and stop eating or acting abnormally. Therefore, if you consider your pets to be a part of your family, make sure to practice the tips mentioned above for calming pets inner escape artist.

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