6 common dog breed myths debunked
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6 common dog breed myths debunked

Are you a dog person? Do you love adorable puppies with big eyes and wagging tails? Well, then you would have heard a lot of stereotypical myths about some of the most common breeds among dogs. However, ensure to not fall for the misconception. Here’s a brief description of some of the most common dog breed myths:

Myth: Pugs are lazy

The most common misconception about pugs is that they are lazy and don’t want to be active. However, the fact is that pugs are quite active and happy members of the family, just like any other dog breed. Pugs are not naturally bred to be running dogs, but they still enjoy a good run and love chasing a ball.

Myth: Chihuahuas are yappy

The most common myth about Chihuahuas is that they are yappy. All dogs have a natural instinct to bark. Chihuahuas are no different than any other dog. They tend to be very protective of their owners, but they’re not any more or less yappy than any other breed of dogs.

Myth: Irish Setters are dumb

Another common dog breed myths is that Irish Setters are dumb because of their puppyish nature. This is just a misconception. They love to run and need considerable exercise. The Irish Setters are intelligent dogs bred to work closely with hunters in the field.

Myth: Pit bulls can lock their jaws

The most common thing you can hear about a pit bull is that they are vicious and can bite and lock their jaws together; therefore, their helpless victim has no hopes of escape. This is an entirely wrong idea about pit bulls because they are also just like any other dog who loves belly rub and wants to play catch. Their jaws work the same way as any other breed.

Myth: Jack Russels are hyperactive

Jack Russels are a bred to have a lot of energy, but they most certainly are not hyperactive. This is just another typical myth about dogs. Jack Russels need some exercise and mental stimulation. A good game of Frisbee and a nice long walk should do the trick.

Myth: Dobermans turn on their guardians

Doberman owners live in fear that someday, their dog is going to attack them. One of the crazy dog breed myths is that the Doberman’s brain will swell up to a size larger than its skull and it will attack its guardian. The only time a Doberman or any other breed turns on their guardian is when they are being mistreated or abused.

Belief in these common dog breed myths should be debunked. Dogs are loving, loyal, and are indeed a man’s best friend in tough situations. A properly trained and loved dog would never hurt its guardian or any other human being for that matter.

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