Three effective ways to the skunk smell off your dog
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Three effective ways to the skunk smell off your dog

Skunks are everywhere, and if your dog gets curious about it, there are high chances that it will get sprayed, and it is going to be no joke. On dogs, skunk’s smell can be extremely unpleasant. So as a responsible pet owner, be prepared for such eventuality. Hence, here are some ways of how to get rid of the skunk smell on your dog.

A skunk’s smell should be attended at once

When it comes to dogs, skunks are not very uncommon. Though eventually, the odor will go away on its own, it could take weeks, and it’s not a very pleasant thing to be around. Moreover, the smell will return, if your dog has long hair and gets wet. So, ensure you get the skunk smell out of the coat at once, before it has a chance to dry. Here is a guide to know what you should do in such situations.

An easy DIY for the remedy

An easy DIY remedy, in this case, is to use about two teaspoons of dishwashing liquid and ¼ cup of baking soda. Also add two pints of hydrogen peroxide to this mixture for a better result. Use an outdoor hose to get the dog wet and get to work using this DIY shampoo. You may want to use a sponge or other items to help you shampoo the dog. This will result in the dogs’ skunks to get away permanently.

Bid adieu to skunk with vinegar solution

The best way to eradicate skunk odor is using a vinegar solution. For the vinegar treatment, mix apple cider vinegar with water in a 1:2 ratio, and set the solution aside. The cumulative amount one needs to incorporate depends on the size of the dog. Wet your smelly dog’s coat thoroughly with water. Now, apply the vinegar solution through the fur. Let the solvent settle for about 5 to 10 minutes. Afterwards rinse it off completely. Work cautiously and be sure not to drip this solution into your dog’s eyes as it gives a stinging sensation.

Assist yourself with toothpaste

Using toothpaste to get rid of dogs’ skunks is a useful remedy. Rub the toothpaste in and work it in all the affected areas of the hair. Rinsing after the application is not recommended. Preferably it should be left to dry. Eventually, after some time, it will turn brittle and fall off on its own. The toothpaste helps to absorb the skunk smell and leaves your dog smelling fresh and clean.

Equipped with the right knowledge and always staying prepared is the key to handle any situation without panic. So, now that you know what to do if your dog is sprayed by a skunk, you can act fast.

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