How to choose an awesome name for your new dog
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How to choose an awesome name for your new dog

It is really exciting when you have a new canine family member in your home and have to choose a name for him. But with so many popular dog names of 2017 available, it gets confusing to find a name that sounds great. Let’s check out some tips to finding a great name for your dog!

Keep it simple

One of the simplest ways to name your dog is to choose something that you would use to name a newborn child in the family. You can also choose a name you like and would have named yourself if you had a say in the matter. It is known that more than half of the names chosen for pets are human names or nicknames, while about a fifth of pet names are based on the pet’s appearance or personality. These are the easiest go-to options when choosing from one of the many popular dog names of 2017.

Something you need to consider that when naming your dog, it has to be simple enough for your pet to recognize it. Using only one or two syllables is the best way to go about it. Dogs can easily pick up such names when they hear them. But the name also needs to be different from the usual commands you will teach your dog. Something like Mitch is very close to “Fetch,” or Tom is similar to “Come.” You do not want to confuse your dog by having a name that sounds just like the commands that they are used to hearing all day.

Think it through completely

It is also recommended that before picking from the popular dog names of 2017, you wait a few days or a couple of weeks before you name your dog. It will allow you to fully understand your dog’s personality and pick up a name that suits him the best. A fast and agile dog can be named something like Zoom or Flash, or you could use a name that represents something your pet loves doing.

You can also go for slightly sophisticated names based on your dog’s heritage. You can choose names that are of their breed’s origin countries. Picking up a French name for a Poodle or a Burmese name for an Oriental dog can allow your pet’s name to stand out. It will be easily recognizable and different from the popular dog names of 2017. Foreign names are usually uncommon, and you won’t have to worry about calling out to multiple dogs in public with a name that’s common to both humans and other pets.

So, equipped with this basic understanding, you can go through lists of pet names readily available on the Internet, or you can confer with your friends and family to choose the most appropriate one for the new member of your family.

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