Hypoallergenic cat breeds – For those cat lovers allergic to cats
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Hypoallergenic cat breeds – For those cat lovers allergic to cats

Cats can definitely be adorable as pets. But what about those who are allergic to cats yet would love to own one? Hypoallergenic pet breeds can be the solution in that case. These are the few cat breeds that have less of Fel d 1 protein present in their saliva, urine, and dander, the reasons which typically causes allergies.

List of hypoallergenic cat breeds

Note that although the allergens present is lesser than other breeds, no cat breed is 100% free of these allergens. So, look into their characteristics carefully to choose the most suitable one.

  • Javanese cats –

    If you are looking for a brilliant cat breed, then this long-haired version of the Color-pointed shorthair is the perfect fit. It is almost as if this breed understands what you have to say.

  • Bengal cats –

    This breed is a very expensive one that starts at around $2,000. It is a cross between an Asian Leopard cat and a domestic cat. This breed is an absolute stunner with great hypoallergenic properties.

  • Colorpoint shorthair –

    This unique cat breed has a unique coat with sixteen different point colors, and it is a cousin of the Siamese breed. This hypoallergenic pet breed is great to look at and has a short haired coat which is always a plus point.

  • Balinese cats –

    For cat lovers who have an affinity for the Siamese look this cat breed does have that quality to offer. With a short haired fur coat, the breed is easy to maintain, and it also has less Fel d 1 protein.

  • Siberian cats –

    This is the breed that has lesser Fel d 1 protein than most of the other cat breeds. This cat breed has an excellent temperament and a gentle nature.

  • Burmese cats –

    These cats are very friendly and are quite tolerant. They are a good choice if you have children in the house. The cats of this breed are plush and have soft fur. This is an American breed and is the preferred choice for families.

  • Cornish Rex –

    With an energetic personality and a one of a kind curly coat, this adorable cat breed is bound to steal the hearts of cat lovers. The unique feature of their coats may have a thing or two to do with their hypoallergenic pet breed status.

  • Devon Rex –

    Considered the pixies of the cat world, the Devon Rex has a curly coat just like the Cornish Rex. If you have other pets at home, then this breed is an excellent choice since they can coexist with other pets and children.

So, if you are allergic to cats but still want to own one, feel free to choose from this list of hypoallergenic pet breeds to cherish the joy of having a pet around the house.

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