All you need to know before buying pet insurance for cats
Pet Insurance

All you need to know before buying pet insurance for cats

Whether someone has recently scared you regarding expensive vet bills or you have experienced the same of late, you might have started worrying about your cat’s health and the medical expenses involved. Well, you can heave a sigh of relief, as this article is going to enlighten you about pet insurance and the benefits of insuring indoor cats.

Purchasing insurance for your cat is any day a good decision, but to make it an informed decision, you ought to know where to look and what to expect. To help you with the same, following are certain things you need to know before buying pet insurance for cats.

Decide on the veterinarian you can go to

Benefits of insuring indoor cats include your kitty’s good health and your mental peace. To ensure that the pet insurance rightly serves your purposes, you need to find answers to several questions including the veterinarians that the insurance company approves of. Companies usually allow you to visit any licensed veterinarian in the country. On the one hand, some insurance companies allow you to visit vets anywhere across the globe, whereas on the other hand, some of them approve only specific vets.

Know the exclusions

One of the benefits of insuring indoor cats obviously is the saving that you make on veterinary bills. To make sure that the pet insurance provides maximum coverage of the expenses, you need to confirm the exclusions beforehand. If compared to dog insurance, cat insurance has a small list of exclusions. Infections, allergies, or cancer is the most common problems cats face and, usually, all-pet insurance policies cover them. However, the pre-existing conditions in a cat would remain as the exclusions. Likewise, other exclusions may include neutering/spaying, vaccinations, flea control, hip-dysplasia, heartworm medication, and dental care. You should count on a pet insurance provider that offers a flexible policy.

Confirm the deductibles and the copay

Deductible and copay is a yet another important factor that requires your attention before you make a final decision. If ignored, it can curtail the benefits of insuring indoor cats. For example, some companies charge a flat deductible of $50 to $100 for each procedure. The amount depends on the age of the pet. Likewise, different insurance policies require a pet owner to pay a copay of 10% to 20% of the vet’s fee. All these expenses can lessen the number of total claims. Therefore, you should pick an insurance that comes with minimal deductibles and co-pays.

Know the maximum amount you can claim

The maximum amount of claim depends on two factors—your claim limit and your reimbursement level. The percentage of your vet bill that the insurance will cover determines your reimbursement level. Moreover, the highest amount that an insurance company will reimburse you in a given period is your claim limit.

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