Tips to choose the right dog trainer
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Tips to choose the right dog trainer

If you are a dog owner, you have to pay attention to its health and overall wellbeing. Failing in doing so will make leave your dog hassled, lazy and weak. Finding the right dog trainer is not as an irksome task as some dog owners might think. If you’re among those who want to train their dog(s) to perfection, an opportune dog trainer is what you need. An apt trainer not only makes your dog a better pet but also assists you to have a better bond with your domesticated animal.

The best approach for choosing an apposite dog trainer starts with a relevant questionnaire. Remember, you need to ask certain questions, like the ones mentioned below, to the dog trainer to find out whether he or she is on par with your expectations or not.

  • Is there anything you know about dog training philosophy?

    Start your search for finding right dog trainer with a little introduction. The purpose of the opening question of the questionnaire is to identify the psyche of the trainer pertaining to dog training. It’s the most important aspect of training. Every dog trainer has his/her own distinctive methodology for training dogs, which depends primarily on their philosophy. A good philosophy corresponds to a good training methodology.

  • What is positive reinforcement?

    Operant conditioning is an animal training method that works on the psychological level, rather than the instinctual or physical level. Apt trainers learn the concept early in their careers. Ideally, an appropriate dog trainer would answer something similar to “It’s an action when you add something to hike the chances of repeating a desirable behavior again.”

  • Do you possess any dog training certifications?

    Several professional dog training certifications are available for dog trainers. Different certifications translate to different skill and expertise levels in dog training. For instance, the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers provides an assessment of a trainer’s skill and knowledge based on about minimum 300 hours of animal behavior experience. Two of its famous certifications are CPDT-KA and CPDT-KSA.

  • Do you like to stick with old school training tricks or employ new training methodologies?

    We live in a world where pet science is becoming increasingly popular. As such, animal training methodologies are getting a scientific edge to improve efficiency while cutting down mental or physical exertion that the pet under training goes through. Hence, for finding the right dog trainer, you need to ask your potential trainers whether they follow strict older methodologies or like to morph new ones in their work.

  • Would you let me observe one of your classes?

    Undoubtedly, the right dog trainer would say yes. You can also ask the dog trainer under consideration for references, reviews, and previous projects.

Once you have the questions in the questionnaire answered, finding right dog trainer for your pet will no more be a hassle. Just review the answers and then decide on the one trainer you would want to hire for your dog.

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