Cat breeds-Effects on personality, behavior, and health
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Cat breeds-Effects on personality, behavior, and health

Like humans, every cat is unique. The traits of a cat’s personality depend on the breed, how it was raised, and its early socialization. A feline’s personality/behavior definitely depends on the cat’s breed. Different breeds of cats have different characteristics. Some breeds of cats are very active while some breeds are less active.

Generally, cats are categorized into two groups-oriental and non oriental depending on their body and activity type. The cats that have sleek, long bodies with short hair fall into the oriental group and the cats with larger bodies and long hair with less activity fall in the non oriental group. A feline’s personality and behavior is strikingly different between the two groups.

The breeds Somali, Cornish, Bombay, Egyptian Mau, Devon Rexes, and Sphynx fall in the oriental group. These cats are very active, curious, intelligent, and vocal.

The non-oriental group breed cats are generally lazy. They do not love to jump around or hop on to things. They just love to lie down and get pampered. Ragdolls, Persian, American and British shorthairs, Siberian, Norwegian forest cats, Turkish Angoras, Himalayans, Turkish Vans, and Maine coons are the breeds that fall in the non oriental group.

One study conducted by the University of Lincoln states that cats can be distinguished into five different personalities. Find out what your feline’s personality/behavior is and how it needs to be treated. The characteristics can be classified as the following:

  • Human cats
  • Hunter cats
  • Cat’s cats
  • Cantankerous cats
  • Inquisitive cats

So let’s see in detail how the feline’s personality/behavior strikes in each category. If you find it difficult to understand why your cats are behaving different or why your cats can not get along with each other, this article will help you to understand their different behavior.

Human cats:

These cats are very happy and love to share your home and your personal space. They are very gentle and love to knead your body with their paws regularly. You can find them snuggling up in your lap for a nap.

Hunter cats:

These cats come with natural instincts to explore, chase, and pounce. These cats need plenty of outdoor space to explore their hunting instincts. They love to show their hunting skills on their play toys.

Cat’s cat:

These cats are very friendly and need little help to build relationships with other cats. They love to play with their siblings and other furry animals and you can often find them rubbing their nose against others.

Cantankerous cat:

These cats are less tolerant and get frustrated easily. They are very sensitive to human touch and the environment they live in. This feline behavior is very different from the other four types. This cats loves to explore independently and prefers less interaction with humans.

Inquisitive cat:

These cats are natural investigators. They keep sniffing things and humans that are not familiar to them.

Now that you know what the different feline personalities/behaviors are, you can find out what type your pet cat is and know how to handle it.

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