Life expectancy of indoor vs. outdoor cat – Everything you need to know
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Life expectancy of indoor vs. outdoor cat – Everything you need to know

Are you new to pet handling and confused thoroughly if you must let your furry friend outdoors or keep it safe indoors? Fret not! As you have landed at the right place that can throw some light on this.

Almost all cats love being outdoors. However, due to various reasons affecting the cat’s longevity including heredity, just like the humans, the lifespan of the cats varies based on whether they stay indoors or go outdoors often. Let’s explore the life expectancy of an indoor vs. outdoor cat a bit more to arrive at a logical conclusion.

Factors contributing to the longer life of indoor cats

A debate on indoor vs. outdoor cat is often on amongst pet owners, especially to talk about the lifespans of these cats. From keeping the cat safe from outdoor predators, other cats and dogs, to preventing it from eating anything that it is not supposed to, or catching any disease or even picking up any parasites, having a cat indoor has many benefits to offer unlike that of the outdoor cats. Plus, one need not worry about his or her cat getting lost or meeting with accidents as long as it stays at home, which ensures a safe and long life.

However, you mustn’t forget that there are certain benefits when cats are out as well. Unlike indoor cats, the outdoor cats not only get more exercise and stimulation from the world outside but also get to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. However, considering the risks that come with an outdoor cat, it’s important to follow safety tips like putting identification tags or collars to them every time they go outside.

The lifespan of indoor cats vs. outdoor cats

When it comes to a comparison between an indoor vs. outdoor cat, an indoor cat usually lives around 12 to 15 years. Staying indoors means receiving healthy food regularly and growing up in a climate-controlled environment, which contribute towards a cat’s long and healthy life.

An outdoor cat typically lives for around 2 to 5 years. An outdoor cat’s lifespan is a lot less because unlike the indoor cats, they get exposed to numerous unwanted situations such as the ones described earlier.

The above explanation reveals that when it comes to the life expectancy of an indoor vs. outdoor cat, keeping your cat indoor automatically saves it from getting into any kind of trouble. However, one also needs to keep in mind that to ensure a healthier life for a cat, it needs to go outside at times and stay active as well. Regularly visiting the vet, maintaining a healthy diet, and preventing cat obesity can give a quality and long life to a cat, whether it stays indoors always or ventures outdoors as well.

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