10 tips to enjoy a road trip with your pet
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10 tips to enjoy a road trip with your pet

Who doesn’t love to go on a vacation? If you have pets, then can enjoy your holiday or vacation along with them. Road tripping with pets can be fun if the entire trip is well planned. With proper planning, you can give your pet the adventure of their lifetime. Here are 10 tips that will help you to plan your holiday with your pets in a good way.

Pick the right location

While planning for the vacation, make sure you pick a location that is pet-friendly. The restaurants, hotels, shops and the rest-stops everything must be pet-friendly.

Pack all the pet essentials

Road tripping with pets will be hassle-free when you meet every requirement of your pet with their essential kit. If you forget, you may upset your pet and have to run to stores in a new place to get the supplies. Make sure to pack the essentials such as poop bags, water bowls, pet food, leash, collar, tag, towel, grooming supplies, a kennel, toys, blanket, bedding and most important of all, vaccination certificates and medical records.

Safety first

While road tripping with pets, do not forget to put the seat belt on for your pet. If your dog doesn’t like to sit in the car with the seatbelt on, keep it in a kennel or a carrier. But do not leave the dog free in a moving car, it can be dangerous.

Feed your pet at intervals

Do not feed your dog just before leaving for the trip. It is advisable to feed your dog at least 3 hours before starting on a long drive.

Keep a first aid emergency kit

Make sure you keep a first aid box for the dog in the car in case of any emergencies. This can be useful in case the dog suffers from any minor injuries during the trip. The first aid kit must contain, tweezers, gauze, vet wraps used for paws and legs, hydrogen peroxide 3%, non-adhesive sterile pads, towel, muzzle and leash, thermal blanket, styptic powder, pen light and vet emergency phone numbers.

White noise

Most dogs get alarmed at the slightest noise from outside. If your dog keeps barking for every small noise, your next door guests may complain. So, to minimize the noise that your dog hears, play white noise. You can find this app on all smartphones.

Pre-organize your dog essential items

If you are traveling by car for a long distance, keep all the dog essentials that you need for the trip in one place. Organize a toiletry bag and keep it near the seat so that when you stop at the rest stop, you can find all your doggie things in one place.

Take short trips

Before a long trip with your dog, take few shorts trips to make your dog accustomed to go for a long drive in the car.

Engage in activities

Engage your pet with something in the car to avoid the unruly behavior. Food puzzles or stuffed Kongo will do.

Vet clinics

Keep the address and phone numbers of the vet clinic near your holiday location handy so that in case of an emergency, you do not have to panic.

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