A few tips on how to file for pet insurance claims
Pet Insurance

A few tips on how to file for pet insurance claims

As a pet owner, you would want the best treatment for your loving pet in the case of a medical emergency, and the last thing you would want is to worry about whether you can afford the bills. This is the sole reason why pet insurance exists and every responsible pet owner should have an insurance policy for his pet, just in case the pet falls seriously ill or gets injured. Pet insurance claims can spare you off the vet bills and other associated costs.

About pet insurance claims

There are numerous kinds of insurance policies available and the process of claiming a policy is not as complicated as one might think. A claim can be made when your pet needs emergency medical attention or treatment including alternative therapies as per the terms of the insurance. Based on the level of cover chosen by you, pet insurance claims can also be made upon the death of your pet if it occurs by accident. This shall also include liability insurance if your pet causes damage to a third party.

How to make an insurance claim

Act quick:

To start with the process of making pet insurance claims, first make a call on the helpline of your insurer and tell him about the incident in detail. It is essential to know the name of the medical condition that your pet is receiving treatment for while also knowing about the procedures and operation your pet is undergoing.

Know the estimate:

Tell the insurer about whatever went wrong with your pet. Moreover, give him an estimate of the costs that shall be incurred as a result of the situation. If you do not have an invoice or receipt, just ask your vet for an estimate, which he shall most likely be able to give by word of mouth. Your advisor should be able to answer all of your questions concerning your claim on the call itself.

Provide details through appropriate forms:

The next step would require you to fill in the claim form and submit relevant documents to support your claim. The period for sending off claim form is usually 30 days from the date of the incident. In case your pet received treatment and the bill amount is due, then you may have to clear the dues until you receive money from your insurer. Moreover, you shall be reimbursed for initial costs, if your pet has a condition that will need ongoing treatment.

Whether the money for the claim will be given to you or the vet depends on your insurer, and you can find that out from your insurance advisor. The money shall be received from the insurer in a few days, if you have submitted the right documents for pet insurance claims on time.

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