How to prevent your pet from getting lost
Pet Identification December 7, 2017

How to prevent your pet from getting lost

Losing a pet is a devastating experience. No pet owner intends to experience it but it just happens and it inevitable. There might be several reasons for the loss of your pet, lack of trust, unlikability of the owner, loss of memory, etc. Therefore, to avoid such a situation, you need to prepare yourself and your home in a way that your pet stays safe and never gets lost. The following is a lost pet prevention checklist that will enable you to ensure that you never lose your precious furry friends.

Identification Tag

You must make your pet wear a collar, a comfortable and secure collar to be precise. Well, not just a collar but the one with an identification tag. Even if your pet manages to get out of the home unnoticed and is on the verge of getting lost, it can make its way back home with the help of an identification tag. Those who find your pet wandering on the street can contact you using the information on the tag. On the other hand, your pet can easily get lost if there is no tag on its collar. Therefore, make sure to consider this easy yet effective lost pet prevention tip for keeping your pet safe and for your peace of mind.

A fenced yard or a leash

By leaving your pet in an unsecured area or keeping it unleashed, you can certainly lose your pet. Therefore, keep your pet in a fenced yard so that it doesn’t wander outside unsupervised. On outings, don’t keep your pet unleashed. No matter how well trained or well-behaved your pet is, you must abide by this lost pet prevention rule all the time.


You can use lost pet prevention technology to keep your pet safe. Get your pet microchipped and you would never have to worry about it getting lost again. It is a tiny implant between the shoulder blades of a pet that veterinarians and shelters can scan using a scanner. Unlike the identification tags that do get misplaced sometimes, the microchips remain intact beneath your pet’s skin for its entire life.

Train your dog

You can lower the risk of losing your pets by giving them a formal obedience training. For providing your pet the same, you are first required to undergo a training wherein you can seek valuable pet care and safety information. Possessing such knowledge, you are less likely to make careless mistakes that eventually lead to missing pets. An obedience-trained dog comes back when called, stops rather than running off on command, and walks nicely when leashed. Such pets communicate much better with their owners than the non-obedience trained dogs. Obedience training not only makes your pet good but helps keep him busy as well. The more you keep your pet busy and happy, the less likely it is to wander off and get lost.

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