Five things you need to know when leaving your cat alone
Pet Boarding December 4, 2017

Five things you need to know when leaving your cat alone

While cats usually like to be alone, they do notice your absence, even if you head out of your home for a couple of hours. Here are some tips you need to know regarding what to leave for your cat while you’re away to make sure your cat stays busy.

Clean out the litter box

Cats often tend to try and find their owners when they need their litter boxes cleaned. If you are going out for a while, make sure you clean out the litter box entirely to make things easier for both the cat and yourself. Cats tend to litter other parts of the house, if their litter box is full and you do not want to come back home to witness a mess!

Leave a few toys for your feline friend

If you’re thinking about what to leave for your cat while you’re away, toys are your best bet. Cats need mental stimulation when you’re gone, and it is an excellent idea to leave some toys around them to play with. Cat perches and puzzle feeders are incredibly popular options that are guaranteed to keep your cat stimulated. Remember to buy toys that are completely safe and avoid putting your cat at any risk of ingesting any small parts.

Bring another feline friend home

A second pet can help a lot, in case you are wondering what to leave for your cat while you’re away! If you are someone who goes out regularly, it might be worth considering adopting another cat to keep your cat company. Having a feline companion helps alleviate symptoms of anxiety from being alone. You will, however, need to be committed to your pets until they get along. Do take care of any behavioral issues and conflicts that may develop between them.

Take care of your cat’s routine

Knowing your cat’s routine is very important and if you are planning to leave your home, make sure you know what to leave for your cat while you’re away, so he can stick to his routine. Leaving behind its meals so it can eat them in time or setting up its bed for its nap times make the cat less anxious while you are gone. Try to ensure everything seems normal as cats can get severely stressed out, if their routine is disrupted.

Consider cat care services

There are cat boarding services that you should consider, if you are going to leave for several days. You can also call someone you trust to come and feed your cat and brush it as an alternate solution. Do note that a lot of cats are known to dislike new environments and getting your cat admitted to a pet hostel or shelter might not work out as well as you’d like it to.

A concern is natural, but worrying and excessive stress is not. Keep your worries and stress away with these simple pointers, which are guaranteed to help both you and your beloved cat.

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