6 ways to help your pet survive fireworks
Pet Identification December 5, 2017

6 ways to help your pet survive fireworks

With celebrations around the corner, you may be wondering how you would handle your pets and fireworks during the evening hours. Animals fear loud, sudden bangs and noises. These loud fireworks make them aggressive and may also cause them pain. As a pet owner, you may well be aware, that your little friend is very sensitive to such loud blasts. What may be a time of celebration for you is traumatic for your pet. Many pets injure themselves while attempting to escape the noises. Even if you personally choose to stay away from the fireworks for the sake of your pet, you can do little about the fireworks in your neighborhood during this time.

However, there are several things you could do to make your pet comfortable during the fireworks.

Handling Pets and fireworks:

Keep your pets indoors.

It is always advisable to keep your pets inside the house. Also, make sure you do not leave them alone at home as far as possible.

Soundproof your home

Close all the windows and doors of your house. You can turn on the TV or the radio to drown out the sound of the fireworks. Familiar sounds such as that of the air-conditioner or dehumidifier may also help in dampening the noise of the fireworks.

Draw the curtains and blinds

The natural instinct of your pet on hearing a loud sound is to run away and hide. During this desperate attempt to escape, many pets run into glass screens and windows hurting themselves, while some jump through open windows hurting themselves seriously in the process. Many frightened pets run away from their homes through an open door, and many of these pets are never found. In such circumstances, it is best to keep all windows and doors locked and draw the curtains and blinds so that the pets feel safe in the house.

Avoid firework displays

Remember that you cannot have the company of your pets and fireworks together. You should never take your pet to firework displays. Avoid taking them to family gatherings, if you feel that fireworks may be a part of the celebration.

Identification Tags

Be sure that your animals are wearing collars or harnesses with an ID tag. You can even think of incorporating a microchip in their ID tags. If you are taking, your pet out for a walk avoid the peak firework hours and keep them leashed at all times.

Indulge in indoor activities

Distract your pet by playing games. Shower them with your love and attention. If you are at home with them, you can sit through the most difficult hours, calming them with your voice and hands. Food and treats can also be a suitable distraction.

You can also consider aids such as a thundershirt that can help to relax both dogs and cats during the firework displays. You can consult your vet about the use of hormone pills such as melatonin or natural calming supplements for your pet.

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